Cherrycake provides you with an optimized way of interacting with the primordial objects of your app.
Items are Cherrycake's conceptualization of the fundamental objects stored in a database. For example, in an e-commerce site, a product would be an Item, but also would a user, a product category or an invoice.
The most interesting benefits of working with Items in Cherrycake are:
    Items can be easily retrieved, updated or deleted from the database, there's no need to implement your own database access code.
    All security-sensible operations with Items are supervised by the Cherrycake Security mechanisms.
    Items get all the performance and caching benefits of Cherrycake right out of the box.
    Items support multi language fields, multi-timezone date-time fields, automatic URL slug generation and much more.
See the Items guide to learn how to work with Items in Cherrycake
Last modified 1yr ago
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