Server requirements

Minimum requirements

  • Linux operating system. Other operating systems should work problems but haven't been tested.

  • HTTP Server, NGINX is recommended, Apache HTTPd should work without problems but hasn't been tested.

  • PHP, version >= 7

    • apcu extension (opcache package)

    • json extension

    • mbstring extension (if not available, use libonig)

  • Composer

Dependency requirements

  • If you're going to use databases (Database module)

    • MariaDB Server, MySQL also supported

    • pdo_mysql and mysqli PHP extensions

  • If you're going to use advanced cache

    • Redis Server

  • If you're going to use Image manipulation (Image class)

    • gd PHP extension

    • LibJPEG

    • LibPNG

  • If you're going to connect to external sources like APIs

    • openssl

    • curl