version 1.x

Actions methods

getAction( actionName )

Returns the action with the given actionName.
  • actionName String
Returns: Action object or false if the action has not been mapped.


Initializes the module, loads the dependent module classes and calls the mapActions method on all available modules using Engine::callMethodOnAllModules.

isAction( actionName )

Checks if the action with the given actionName has been mapped.
  • actionName String
Returns: Boolean

mapAction( actionName, action )

Maps an action for a module.
  • actionName String
  • action Action object
new \Cherrycake\Action([
"moduleType" => \Cherrycake\ACTION_MODULE_TYPE_APP,
"moduleName" => "Home",
"methodName" => "homePage",
"request" => new \Cherrycake\Request([
"pathComponents" => false,
"parameters" => false


Parses the received query to find the corresponding action and runs it
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