version 1.x

Cache methods

buildCacheKey( cacheKeyNamingOptions )

Returns a cache key to uniquely identify a cached object, to be used in caching operations.
  • cacheKeyNamingOptions A hash array of options to build the cache key, with the following possible keys:
    • prefix A prefix that will added to the beginning of the cache key. Used to prevent collisions.
    • uniqueId A specifically provided unique identification for the cached object. Used when you want to manually give a unique identifier to a cached object. This overrides any specified specificPrefix, hash or key.
    • specificPrefix A secondary prefix to further prevent collisions when using hash or key.
    • hash A string to be hashed as the cache key instead of using "key". For example: An SQL query.
    • key An arbitrary key to uniquely identify the cache key.
Returns: The cache key in the form of a string.
Last modified 2yr ago