version 1.x


Provides a way to work with JavaScript in a web application, with additional features and performance improvements.
See the Css and Javascript guide to learn how to work with the Javascript module.


  • cacheProviderName The name of the cache provider to use. Default: engine
  • cacheTtlThe TTL to use for the cache. Default CACHE_TTL_LONGEST
  • isHttpCache Whether to send HTTP Cache headers or not. Default: false
  • httpCacheMaxAge The TTL of the HTTP Cache. Default: CACHE_TTL_LONGEST
  • lastModifiedTimestamp The timestamp of the last modification to the CSS files, or any other string that will serve as a unique identifier to force browser cache reloading when needed. Default: false
  • defaultSetOrder The default order to assign to sets when no order is specified. Default: 100
  • isMinify Whether to minify the JavaScript code or not
  • sets A hash array specifying the different JavaScript sets this app has, where each key is the set name, and each value is a hash array with the following possible keys:
    • order The numeric order of this set in relation to other sets. Used to control JavaScript dependency.
    • directory The directory containing the JavaScript files.
    • isIncludeAllFilesInDirectory Whether to automatically add all the *.js files found in the specified directory to this set or not.
    • variablesFile A PHP file that will be included before any JavaScript pattern parsing.